WormFactory360In America we throw 34 million tons of food waste into landfills each year, more than any other type of waste (www.EPA.gov).

We have been composting with worms for a while now and it makes it easy for us to recycle kitchen scraps, paper waste (junk mail) and cardboard into nutrient-rich fertilizer for our plants. It helps us create a more sustainable lifestyle by recycling more waste and also helps improve soil quality to help us grow healthy plants.

It’s one of the easiest steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact and create nutrients for your plants.

Sassakala is now a proud reseller for Natures Footprint products so we can help urban gardeners like you create a more sustainable lifestyle and help you ‘grow your own food’.

The WormFactory is available now. Contact us for more information or to order one for yourself.


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2 Responses to Worms eat our garbage!

  1. […] also helped my plants out with the addition of worm castings from my worm compost along with periodic feedings (every 3-4 weeks) of a little worm tea. You could use your plant food […]

  2. Jerry Gach says:

    Worm Factory 360, by Natur’s Footprint is great.

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