Here are a couple of TED talks that really emphasize the importance of growing and cooking your own food – and the potential health benefits.

One from Jamie Oliver (22 mins) about educating kids about food and the other from guerrilla gardener Ron Finley (11 mins) who creates urban gardens on south central LA.




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  1. Carlitos says:

    It is a tad on the small size. I have a 5 gallon coinanter I mix nutrient solution in when I need it. I top off the Emily’s pretty much every other day. Usually the reservoir is very low (practically empty) which probably stresses the plants out, but they seem to deal with it. They really don’t have much of a choice.I just like to try putting stuff in it and see what happens. Cucumbers grew great , though they were sour because of the stress I put them under. I hear you can get cucumbers that lack the chemical or whatever that makes them sour, and I plan on getting some seeds someday and doing another cucumber crop.Overall, I’d rate the Emily’s garden as a good beginner hydroponic system. Once you get one and see how it works, you can reproduce it fairly cheaply. If you go to the webcam page some time when it’s one (6pm to 6am or so) you can see the makeshift systems based on the same concept of the Emily’s garden.

  2. Et moi, une fois dans un TGV, j’ai vu – et entendu, et senti – un grand groupe (au moins une trentaine) de militants syndicalistes -je ne dirai pas quel syndicat…. – qui revenaient d’une manif, ils criaient, braillaient, puaient la bière qu’ils buvaient à flot (des cannettes dans toutes les poches , tous les sacs, ne respectaient aucun des autres voyageurs. Je n’en ai pas retiré une aversion définitive pour les syndicats, mais j’ai changé de voiture…

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