What is hydroponics?

The word hydroponic comes from the latin word for water. At it’s simplest, hydroponics can be defined as the growing of plants without soil (where nutrients typically come from). In a hydroponic system the nutrients that are needed for plant growth are fed to the plants through water.

lettuce varietals

There are many different types of hydroponic systems out there. In some the roots are suspended on a nutrient solution (sometime referred to as Nutrient Film Technique, or NFT) while others use some kind of media such as clay balls, coconut fiber, or perlite to hold the roots in place while water is distributed from another source.

Here at the microfarm we use the vertical stacking tower system that was designed by the clever folks at VertiGro.

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I love this type of growing. It saves me time, money, and space. And as an extra bonus there is no heavy lifting or digging involved. It allows you to grow a significant quantity of produce in a small space compared to traditional growing methods and when done correctly much of the maintenance is automated through the use of pumps and timers.

It also means that I know exactly goes into the feed I am sharing with my family. I only use organic approved sprays and never use GMO seeds so I know my kids are getting the cleanest food possible.

It Works!

It works because the plants get exactly what they need, when they need it. It creates just the right conditions for a very healthy plant.The growing media is inert and contains no nutrients. It also virtually eliminates soil borne diseases.

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In summary:

  • The plants get what they need

  • You get healthy, tasty plants

  • It takes only a small investment of time and money to setup and maintain

  • It takes very little space.

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