The VGK-16 Automatic Vertical Garden

The 16 pots with Automatic Vertical Garden Kit from VertiGro is the industry leader in vertical hydroponics for home users. It sets up as four sets of columns that each have four stackable Verti-Gro® pots along with ground pots. This high density setup allows for over 70 plants in a very small space.VGK16 photo

This kit provides is the home version of the system that is used by commercial growers and contains everything you need in a garden at a low cost. It is ideal for the family that wants to grow some of there own food. It’s great for lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and much more.

Start with 16 pots (in 4 stacks of 4) and add on at any time with the available Extension Kit

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 Photograph courtesy- Tina Sargeant Photography

VGK-16 Price $449.95                               

Options and upgradesVGK-16AGP_2306

Make it a VGK20 for just $30 more and upgrade to taller towers with one extra pot on each stack giving you space for an additional 16 plants

- VGK-20 Price $479.95

we can also configure it in several ways by adding pots and removing pots to suit your (and the plants) needs.

Add 4 more towers to an existing VGK16 or VGK20 with our extension kits

- VGK-16X Price $299.95

- VGK-20X Price $329.95


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